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Peuple celte du centre de la (G)Bretagne. Il a pour capitale Ratae Coritanorum, aujourd'hui Leicester.


Extrait de la carte Ordnance Survey : Map of Roman Britain


- cf Boudicca : il est possible que la dernière grande bataille entre Romains et Bretons de Boudicca se soit déroulée sur le territoire des Coritani.

- pour la suite de l'histoire de cette cité, voir Leicester / Ratae Coritanorum. ; à l'époque arthurienne et dans les romans arthuriens, Licester correspond à Logres.

Étymologie :

Sources, selon Rivet & Smith, Place-Names of Roman Britain, p 324 : 

- Ptolémée, II,3,II : Koritanoi ( = Coritani).

- Ravenna, 10647 : RATE CORIONRavenna's form seems to have arisen from an abbreviation on a map, presumably for *Rate Coritanorurn.

DERIVATION. This is unknown. Their name was associated by Holder I.1128 with that of the Kar(i)tanoi (= Caritani) mentioned by Ptolemy II, 11, 6, a people of the Agri Decumates, and it has been suggested that the British tribe was related in some way to these, on a basis of pottery types from Margidunum and from the région of the Marne in N. France; see F. Oswald in Ant. J. XXI (1941), 323-32. An equation between a name in Ca- and another in Co-, either as a genuine variant or as a scribal matter, should not present an insuperable problem (in view of e.g. Magontiacum/Moguntiacum, etc.). Holder's further suggestion of a connection with the Coriticii, recorded also in the Life of St Briocus as Coriticiana regio, is rejected by Jackson LHEB 611, who points out that these names are for Corot- in view of Welsh Ceredig which derives from them (but perhaps Corit- could result from a Latin assimilation of o-o-i to o-i-i?). There can be no relation with the *Qritani > Cruithni 'Picts' as is confidently asserted by N. K. Chadwick in Celtic Britain (London, 1963), 20.

IDENTIFICATION. A people of Britain with a capital at Ratae, Leicester. Ptolemy also attributes to them Lindum, Lincoln which, though separated from them when it became a legionary fortress and later a colonia, must have lain in their pre-Roman territory as indicated by the distribution of Coritanian coins.

Bibliographie. Sources

- Ordnance Survey : Map of Roman Britain

- A.L.F RIVET & Colin SMITH : The Place-names of Roman Britain. B.T Batsford Ltd. london. 1979-1982.

* forum du site Marikavel : Academia Celtica

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