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Peuple 'breton' issu probablement d'un démembrement des Brigantes, au Bas-Empire romain, avec pour chef-lieu : Luguvallium / Carlisle.


Extrait de la carte Ordnance Survey : Britain in the Dark Ages

Étymologie :

* Rivet & Smith, p. 301-302 : 

Inscriptions : 

- JRS, LV (1965), 224; a milestone of Postumus A.D. 258-68, set up by the C(IVITAS) CAR(VETIORUM) ; found at Brougham, 1964

- RIB 933, a tombstone (Old Penrith) set up to a SEN(ATORI) IN C(IVITATE) CARVETIOR(UM)

On thèse, see the notes in JRS and RIB

Also possibly relevant is RIB 2283, a milestone found at Middleton which gives a distance M P LIII ('53 miles'), possibly measured from Carlisle (see C. E. Stevens in EHR, ni (1937), 200, and E. Birley in CW2, XLVII (1947), 178) but probably before the recognition of the civitas. The Carvetii seem to have constituted a civitas in the third century, with its centre at Carlisle, and for some administrative purposes Civitas Carvetiorum may have been an alternative name to Luguvalium.

DERIVATION. The name seems to have as a root British *carvo-s 'deer, stag' (Welsh carw, etc.), cognate with Latin cervus. Other names into which this enters are Carvone (TP) now Arnhem (Holland), Carvancas mountain of Ptolemy II, 13, 1 (Karouagkas), later Cirvencus. The British name hs *-et- sufFix (see Bremetenacum, etc.), as in other ethnic names such as Caletes, Namnetes (Holder I. 1480). Williams in Canu Aneirin (Cardiff, 1938), p. 136, associates with Carvetii the Welsh names Carwed, Carwed(-fynydd) ; see also GPN 329 ff. The sense of the name is presumably, then, 'deer-men', with reference to an emblem of the tribe.

IDENTIFICATION. A people of Britain, probably originally part of the confederation of the Brigantes, later recognised as a separate civitas, with their capital at Luguvalium, Carlisle.



Histoire : Les Carvetii semblent être un démembrement tardif des Brigantes, avec, pour chef-lieu : Luguvallium / Carlisle.

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